Are Traxxas RC Vehicles Toys?

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Many RC enthusiasts object vigorously to the characterization of Traxxas RC vehicles as “toys.” But what are toys, and why are some of us so bothered by the use of this term with respect to our Traxxas Radio Controlled Vehicles? Today we explore the true nature of Traxxas RC vehicles, we consider whether or not they are toys (and why that even matters), and we check out a couple of very cool Traxxas models for RC enthusiasts of various skill levels and budgets. Keep reading to find out why you don’t have to feel bad for loving Traxxas RC vehicles no matter what your age or maturity level!

Often, in the past, I’ve referred to Traxxas RC vehicles as toys, and some people have not enjoyed this characterization. These enthusiasts insist that Traxxas RC cars and trucks are much, much more than just toys, referring to them as “hobby grade vehicles” instead. Fair enough! But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. The word “toy” is in no way a derogatory or insulting term, and enjoying toys at any stage of life does not automatically make one a child.


A quick look at any definition of the word “toy” will bring about various descriptions of items that are designed to provide users with fun. In fact, toys are specifically designed for fun, with some toys having a secondary (or in some cases, primary) objective of teaching us something. In any case, while many toys are targeted mainly to children, there’s nothing in any definition that I could find saying that adults are exempt from having fun or playing with toys.


In fact, many very knowledgeable people argue that adults need play every bit as much as children do. Unfortunately, many of us adults lack the necessary time to incorporate play into our daily lives. We get bogged down instead in the serious business of life and often forget to enjoy ourselves. This is truly a shame.

But Traxxas cars and trucks, whether one considers them to be “toys”, or prefers instead the more sophisticated, “hobby grade vehicles”, offer users something that people of all ages can enjoy—and with no need for embarrassment! In fact, the recommended age range for operating Traxxas cars and trucks begins at 14, so these high-speed, precision vehicles are definitely intended more for mature users than for children. Traxxas RC vehicles truly are hobby grade items, and they’re the focus of a hobby that can be enjoyed by a wide range of users and in multiple different ways.



For instance, one can simply enjoy driving or racing their vehicle. But, one can also enjoy the opportunity of playing mechanic (effecting repairs on broken parts or modifying components of their model with parts upgrades), one can change the cosmetics of their vehicle with stickers and/or paint, and one can even participate in online RC communities like discussion boards and other interactive websites. In other words, Traxxas can enrich your life in many different ways, including by leading you to make new friends that share your RC interests.

If you’re not convinced by now that Traxxas RC vehicles and the RC hobby in general are perfectly reasonable activities for people of all ages, then I don’t know what else to say. For those that are convinced, here are a few of my favourite Traxxas vehicles across a range of budgets and RC engagement levels:


Traxxas RC Vehicles that are Fun for All!

Even at their most basic level, Traxxas RC vehicles mean business! Take, for example, the first truck I want to highlight today. It’s the Traxxas Latrax SST Creed 4WD 1/18 Scale RC Truck, and even at its smaller size and with its super deformed shell (a design aesthetic that’s typically associated with products geared to a younger demographic), this truck still has a top speed of 32 Km/h (40 with upgrades) and 4X4 capabilities. This means that not only is the SST fast and furious, but it can also get out of many a sticky situation as all 4 of its wheels are prepared to pull their weight. I actually tested the SST a while back and reviewed it for Best Buy along with its companion truck, the Teton, and I found that both trucks were loads of fun and definitely a whole lot more than just toys. There’s certainly nothing childish about these powerful little trucks!


Another Traxxas RC vehicle that I absolutely love—my personal favourite in fact, is the Traxxas Rustler 2WD 1/10 Scale RC Truck. This truck is quite a bit bigger than the SST & Teton, and although it’s not a 4WD vehicle, it’s super fast (with a top speed of 56 Km/h) and has all of the latest and best Traxxas features (such as its Brushless-Ready Metal Gear Transmission and its Revo-Spec Torque-Control Slipper for enhanced traction control). The Traxxas Rustler has numerous other high end features that any RC driver and mechanic would love to get his or her hands on. It’s also another Traxxas vehicle that I have personally tested and reviewed, which is why I know exactly how awesome it is. You can check that review out HERE, and so you should! 

Finally, there’s the Traxxas Summit 4WD 1/10 Scale RC Truck, which for me represents the absolute pinnacle of the Traxxas RC hobby. This truck is not only massive (measuring 47.2cm wide x 32cm high x 56.3cm long), but it’s also loaded with pretty much every Traxxas feature you could possibly ever ask for! Among its best are a powerful Titan 775 motor, a 16.8-volt EVX-2 Electronic Speed Control System (which delivers some serious torque), four 7 inch Canyon AT Extreme-Terrain Tires (that can climb over just about anything), and a lighting system with 10-LED lights that make this truck fun to drive even in total darkness. The Summit does forfeit a bit of speed in favour of torque and power (its top speed is 32 Km/h), but it can go places that few other RC vehicles can. If you’re a serious Traxxas RC hobbyist—or are thinking of becoming one, the Summit is a truck that you simply must investigate. After all, there are many more features to this fine truck than I can possible discuss here.


So, there you have it—Traxxas RC vehicles are clearly the focus of a very serious, adult level hobby! Whether you choose to label them as toys or as something else entirely is quite beside the point. They do what toys are intended to do; they make our lives more fun! I am personally well past any age that could possibly pass for childhood, and I absolutely love these things! Don’t let a simple label discourage you from having fun. Traxxas RC vehicles are amazing, and every bit worth your time and attention!

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