TeamDC-10 Fun Things to do with an RC Car

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Having an RC car is a lot of fun. There are a lot of things that can be done with it, too, to make it even more entertaining. While many people like to stick with the classic races, others prefer to really get involved with their RC car hobbies. Here are the top ten things veteran hobbyists like to do with their RC cars, just for the fun of it.

#1 – Build a ramp.

Ramp jumps are the most fun for RC enthusiasts, because RC cars can do things that would be nearly impossible and downright dangerous for regular sized cars to attempt. Off-road RC cars have a better suspension than on-road, so they can handle steeper and bigger jumps.

#2 – Camera mounts.

Some RC car enthusiasts use a small camera on their cars, and have a great time watching the results of zooming through their homes (sometimes annoying their housemates and pets), but also going out on the road and getting a new perspective from the RC car point of view.

#3 – Races and Demolition Derbies

While classic racing of RC cars is always fun, some people like to take it a bit further and try “demolition derbies” where the cars bowl over each other and play at war with other RC cars. This type of fun can get expensive and require repairs – be forewarned.

#4 – Rock Hopping & Rock Crawling

This is especially fun with off-road RC cars – some of the bigger cars can really get some big hops on large rocks. Rock crawling takes skill and determination, and sometimes just outright force to get up some of the more challenging rocks. People really enjoy seeing what their RC cars can climb and crawl, and enjoy testing their own abilities in making it happen.

#5 – Tug-O-War

This is an entertaining trick, but again, will likely result in repairs, so only those who are willing and able to spend time and money on repair time should attempt this. Two RC cars or trucks of varying power play “tug-o-war” with a rope or similar apparatus. The first to pull the opponent over the “line” or into the obstacle wins.

#6 – Bowling

RC bowling is another one that hobbyists enjoy. They set up empty cans and try to see how many the RC car will crush under its weight. It’s important to ensure that the cans are empty, as damage can be done to an RC with full cans.

#7 – “Tractor” Pulls

Some enthusiasts like to see how much weight their RC cars can pull. Typically the bigger the car, the more it can pull. Some of the really big RC cars can pull wagons.

#8 – Obstacle Courses

Indoors or outdoors, set up a number of obstacles and see how many things the RC car can climb over. This is similar to the demolition derby in many ways, but it can be done alone with only one RC car.

#9 – Mud Running

Just like with big trucks, taking an RC car out in the mud, and trying to get it unstuck without the help of a push or with hands is a great deal of messy fun.

#10 – Snow Running

Similar to mud running, but with snow instead. Of course, it’s a lot cleaner than mud, but it’s also a lot colder.

There’s more to do with an RC car than just plain racing. A little creativity and imagination can really make RC cars even more fun.

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