Merlin Depta Wins At North German 1/8 On-Road Regionals

Posted by HaiTao Li on

  Last weekend was held the North German Regionals at MC Munster track in Munster. Lars Hoppe (Shepherd) took the overall TQ while Merlin Depta (Serpent) set a new track record of 14.071 and beat the fastest lap in Munster by about 0.2sec. It was Hoppe who lead the final with a small gap in front of Depta and Timo Schröder who were battling for second position. As Merlin rolled over the car on a curb it was Schröder who sat in second spot with Hoppe still in the lead. After 10min Hoppe hit technical problems which caused him to go into the pits for one and a half minutes to work his way up through the field again. Meanwhile Schröder was in first and Depta at the second spot. Schröder planned a tyre change at the half of the race as the tire wear was on the limit for half an hour. Being the only one in the final to change tyres Schröder had a flame-out entering the pits for fuel and tyres. This gave over the lead to Depta who was running on the same set of tyres for the whole 30 minutes final. Hoppe fighting his way back to the front. He was three laps down on Depta when they crossed the finish line with Andreas Giesa taking the third podium spot another two laps down.

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