4WD Fujiwara Tofu Shop Initial D Scene Light version model display scene with lights 4WD-Z0010


  • $27.00 USD

Ratio: 1:32 4WD


  1. The details of this product are hand-colored, and the color has the effect of getting old. If you do not participate in the return for 7 days, there is no reason to return it.
  2. This product is for 1/32 scale 4WD vehicles. The 4WD vehicles in the photos are for display effects and are not included in the product standard;
  3. This product must be easily assembled at hand, not the effect picture style assembled by the picture;
  4. This product is used for collection. Non-children's assembled toys.

     5.Accept Mass Customization (OEM)

Product size (after installation):

The following is the effect display diagram, the trolley is for display, not the standard configuration of the product, please purchase it yourself:

The light box uses USB to get power, and the lighting effect is as follows:


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