DJC-0641 LS3 V8 6.2L engine common use 1/10 scale trx4 jeep land rover d90/110/130 /w cooling fan /w temperature sensor

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1.common use, can be applied on trx4, scx10, scx10II motor, the OD of motor can be 36mm-38mm.
2.Temperature sensor with fan set inside, the fan will be activated when 35℃ above, and will stop when 25℃ below. High speed fan, with 25CFM ±10% wind flow;
4. Cylinder cap,ignition coil secondary cable,engine cover,exhaust manifold,air intake,common rail are heat-resistant ABS material(100℃ limited),can be painted as you like, cylinder block &oil level gauge are stainless steel material, heat sink is alu. material.
5.Design based on LS3 V8 6.2Lengine , simulated cylinder cap, ignition coil secondary cable, engine cover, exhaust manifold, air intake, common rail, cylinder block, oil level gauge details.
Packing list as picture:
Attention when this product be equipped on trx4 original motor position:
1.One side of exhaust manifold should be removed, that will let V8 engine to enough space to be installed.
2.You must cut part of the body posts and mounts to have enough space to the V8 engine.
3.DJC-0640 trx4 dashboard & DJC-0617interior can not be used when fix V8 engine on original position, to have perfect effect, MUST apply the front-engine set(NOT INCLUDED), then DJC-0640&DJC-0617&V8 engine can work together perfectly.
Attention when apply front-engine set for trx4 use :
1. Exhaust manifold should be removed, that will let V8 engine to enough space to be installed.
2.You can use DJC-0226 metal holder to have more space to let Exhaust manifold be euipped.
Item No. DJC-0641

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