DJ V8 engine flip frame engine flip engine repair bracket engine overhaul universal rotary table#DJ-0704

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Product features:

  1. The main body of the installation is precision welded stainless steel.
  2. The metal can be universal rotation wheel.
  3. After the V8 engine is fixed, it can be flipped 360 degrees.
  4. With a fixed pin.
  5. The process used is in accordance with the real car engine maintenance frame, the details are in place.


Packing list:

  1. welder holder body * 1PCS

2.Engine fixing claw * 4PCS

3.Engine mount * 1PCS

4.Angle adjustment lever * 1PCS

5.Angle fixing lever * 1PCS

6.Wheel * 4PCS (620 bearing)

  1. Wheel fixing etching sheet * 4PCS

8.M2 locknut * 4PCS

9.M1.4 * 4 * 4PCS

10.M2 * 6mm screw * 4PCS




Weight: 100G




Suit for:

A ratio of 1:10  and a ratio of 1:8 engine model

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