DJ TRX-4 Ford BRONCO Rubber Rear Fender Metal Bracket Replaceable Rubber Sheet#DJ-0737

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Product features:

  1. The stainless steel bracket is more firm, and the rubber fender is more simulated;
  2. Use the supplied mounting screws can be mounted non-destructive;
  3. Configure two rubber fenders to be replaced at will, no increase in the amount.


Packing list:

Front fender bracket (stainless steel metal bracket)*2PCS (One on each side)

Rear fender bracket (stainless steel metal bracket)*2PCS (One on each side)

Front mudguard (silicone rubber)*4 PCS(Two on each side)

Rear mud (silicone rubber*4PCS (Two on each side)

M2.0*4 round head hex (black)*10PCS

M2 nut*10PCS



The product is in the form of parts and needs to be assembled by itself;

This set of modified parts is only suitable for the traxass TRX4 Ford BRONCO frame, and other frames require DIY mounting. 





Piece mud guard:63mm * 65mm * 2mm

Front fender bracket:55mm*40mm*15mm

Rear fender bracket:48mm*30mm*15mm

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