DJ TRX-4-Benz metal stairs after G500 G63 AMG 6x6 JEEP Wrangler common staircase#DJ-0721

  • $8.00 USD

Product features:

  1. The stent of stainless steel. With a monkey climbing pole, details in place.
  2. Need to be punched and installed, the diameter of the hole is 2mm, with the installation screws.


Packing list:

Metal stairs * 1PCS

Black self-tapping screws M2 * 2PCS






Suit for:

TRX4 Mercedes G500 car shell installation G63 AMG 6x6 stairs

JEEP Wrangler all 1:10 and 1: 8 model car


Need to punch holes in the car shell, and then install the glue after opening.

Can't open the hole too much, too big to repair.

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