DJ Benz TRX6TRX4 Benz Cherokee Jimny Wrangler KM2 Metal Removable WiperDJ-0754

  • $12.00 USD


  1. Reduce the production details in accordance with the real car wiper.
  2. The factory color is silver, black can be selected
  3. The material is 304 stainless steel, equipped with spring can be manual.
  4. Installation of the original car hole position, there is no need to make holes on the original car wiper hole position.


Before installation, remove the wiper at the front of the car shell, and then fix the metal wiper.

The product is a loose part, you need to install the spring and wiper.


Application: TRX6 Mercedes-Benz TRX4 G500 G550 6X6 G63 Jimny Wrangler KM2 Wrangler Soft Shell Hard Shell All 1:10 1: 8 Model Car Use



Weight: 3g

packing list:

Wiper bar * 2PCS

Wiper body * 2PCS

M1.6 * 6 cup head screw * 2PCS

M1.6 nut * 2PCS

Spring * 2PCS

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