DC RC 1:10 Controllable Car Light Kit For Drift Car DC-50097 (1Kit)


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  • with burst mode, simulation turn signal, reversing light, brake light, model light, controllable light kit.
  • A total of 12pcs lights .

Product Features:

  • Simulation linkage make your car more realistic and more dynamic
  • Eight can be connected to the light group interface (each interface 2 lights) - Highlight headlights, front low light, turn left and right lights, reversing lights, brake lights, etc.
  • with 2 controllable multi-function expansion port (increase a group of headlights, a group of brake lights, but also can be used as a wide light) The two interface lights are not standard, you can purchase separately!
  • Kind of flash mode (such as flashing, breathing lights, cruise lights, constant light)
  • Positive and negative channel setting installation more convenient

    What's Included:

    • Headlamps (5mm white light) *1set
    • the former low light (3mm white light) *1set
    • Left and right turn signals (3mm yellow light)  *2sets
    • reversing lights (5mm white light) *1set
    • brake lights (5mm red light) *1set
    • a master, accessories *1package.

    Product Test:

    • When turning left light, the left turn signal lamp of the light control system flashes yellow when the left turn signal is turned on. If the direction of the car is opposite to the turning light indication, please find the DIP switch "1" of the main control panel and turn the switch Positive and negative settings.
    • If a certain direction of the light is flashing, please correct the direction of the channel on the remote control fine-tuning until you can not flash.
    • Forward headlamps, front low light (the car stops in low mode) When the vehicle forward when the headlamps and low lights at the same time, if the opposite, please find the main control board DIP switch "2" Toggle switch You can complete the positive and negative settings. 
    • Reversing lights, brake lights (when the car is stopped in low mode) When the car is in reverse reversing lights will be highlighted, when the vehicle is in the brake lights kill bright
    • Multi-function expansion interface J7, when the DIP switch 3 is OFF, the function is the same with the headlight J2, so the front headlamps have more lights to make your car brighter. When in the ON state, the light of J7 Always lit, you can pick the yellow light and blue or other colored lights when the width of light used
    • Multi-function expansion interface J8, when the DIP switch 4 is OFF, the function is the same with the brake light J6, so there is more light in the brake light to make your car brakes brighter. When it is ON, J8 light Always lit, you can pick the yellow light and blue or other colored lights when the width of light used
    • burst mode enter, often press and hold burst mode select button for 2 seconds to enter, touch each time to enter a flash mode, so you can enter the ring and then interlock mode

    Suit for:

    • 1:10  Drift Car Body

    Effect map:

    (Note: the product does not include the car shell!)

      Installation guide :



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