DC model 1/10 simulation climbing car upgrade sponge two-stage sponge 1.9 inch / 2.2 inch


  • $10.00 USD

1 to 10 climbing car dual-stage sponge inner liner, tire inner lining 1.9 inches / 2.2 inches (Two packs)

Improve climbing performance

The dual-stage design increases the tire's ground contact area to improve the grip, and the inner ring support of the tire maintains stability, which is better when used with DC grooved wheels.
Improve simulation
Completely get rid of the feeling of flat tires leaking, the super soft and soft outer ring are more powerful with different weight frames
high quality
The inner ring material is waterproof, durable and tough
Elaborately crafted, easier to install


Inner diameter 55mm* outer diameter 93mm* thickness 45mm 2.2 inches

Inner diameter 50mm* outer diameter 85mm* thickness 34mm 1.9 inches

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