DC DC1 RC 1:10 Scale Metal Water Proof Crawler Chassis Frame Kit For DC1 SCX10 I SCX10 II (1Kit)


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    The Crawler Chassis Frame is the perfect foundation for your next scale crawler project.

    This is an amazing product with precision machined parts that are finished to a level of excellence that is rarely found in models at this price. It oozes high-quality workmanship that not only makes it a truly superb scale representation of its full sized inspiration, it also gives this chassis the strength and endurance required for challenging crawler courses. You can tell this chassis is the real deal as soon as you pick it up, it's heavy and we mean HEAVY, the chassis alone, without it's steel wheels, body or indeed motor and battery, is a bit over 2kg, it is going to take a lot for this rig to roll over. 

    The dual speed ATTS(anti torque twist system)transmission, cased in a cast metal housing, provides power down to the beautifully finished transfer case and out to the cast metal axles, with realistic half pumpkin covers on the front and rear locked diffs, via machined billet aluminium drive shafts and universal joints. Nothing in this critical part of any crawler has been left to chance, right down to the steel gears and machined hexes that drive the super heavy steel beadlock wheels that are fitted with a set of tough rock grabbing tires to ensure you get over every obstacle as well as looking the part.

    The machined billet aluminum  frame chassis not only adds to the overall realism of the kit it gives it strength and and a solid base for the 4 link rear and 4 link front suspension with pan hard bars and shock hoops. The transfer case is packed with scale detail and features a cast metal exterior and heavy duty 8T/30T gears for durability.


  • designed for true scale looks
  • apply to 1.9"/2.2” steel beadlock wheels 
  • apply to 1.9”/2.2”  tires
  • Tough dual speed transmission
  • Center mounted realistic 4x4 aluminum  transfer case
  • Cast metal axles 
  • 3 link front and 4 link rear suspension
  • Full ball bearings
  • Scale milled steel drive shafts
  • Aluminium scale  piggyback shock
  • scale disc set included
  • steel front and rear bumpers  


  • Scale: 1:10
  • Wheelbase: 313mm/334mm
  • Weight: 2450g


  • DC1-Diamond Chassis (can suit for 1.9inch/2.2inch wheel/tire)

  • DC1-Z1 Chassis (can suit for 1.9inch/2.2inch wheel/tire)

  • DC1 standard (can suit for 1.9inch/2.2inch wheel/tire)

What’s Included:

  • (1)1.9/2.2inch DC crawler wheels(Random),4pcs(gift)
  • (2)DC 100/95mm realy pigyback shocks ,4pcs
  • (3)DC Dual-speed ATTS(anti-torque twist system)gearbox,1unit
  • (4)DC 93-143mm drive shafts,2sets
  • (5)DC disc&brake set,4sets
  • (6)Front&rear bumpers
  • (7)Front&rear ATTS axles
  • (8)servo arm,1unit
  • (9)other frame parts

Suit for:

  •  1:10 RC Crawler(SCX10 I/II)


  • Please note wheelbase when purchasing : 313mm or 334mm

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