2PCS 58mm Nylon Omni Wheel with Metal Shaft M6*60MM Screw for Brompton Saddle Roller Rack Easy Wheels Upgrade Accessories Parts DC-51032


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New Noise Reduction Version



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Note: Dear buyer,The accessories screws we ship are M6*60MM specifications(additional free give away M6*45MM screws 2pcs).



1.Ships as pre-assembled wheels,not require you to manually assemble the parts

2.If you encounter the wheel not turning smoothly, you can disassemble the coupling and add some washers to make it smoother.

3.One brompton bicycle is recommended to buy 2 wheels, if you have special needs, you can buy 4 wheels.

4.The shell is made of nylon engineering material, export quality, with built-in metal coupling and aluminum shaft, which is more durable and can bear more weight.

5.Before placing an order, please confirm whether your screws are suitable. You can check your bike series manual for your screw size or measure it manually, if you are not sure about the size please contact us. If you encounter other difficulties during the installation process, please feel free to contact us and we will help you in time.

Buyer Show:

Wheel parameters:

Other accessories parameters:

304 Stainless Steel Slim Screw Flat Washer: 6101mm

Grade 10.9 round head socket head cap screws: M1645mm

Nylon lock nut: M6*60mm

Deep groove ball miniature toy bearing: non-standard bearing 6143.5zz

M6 Aluminum Washer: 6.2D1210

M6 Aluminum Washer: 6.2D1012

Total weight: 82g


1.This wheel is an omnidirectional wheel and can be steered at will, making it more convenient to move it when you go out with your brompton bike


2.With ceramic bearings, it is smooth and does not rust. The improved version of the universal wheel has a shaft sleeve, which is not limited,to installation and is more convenient.

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Noise Reduction Version









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