1:10 remote control climbing model car flat run drift car removable with LED lights underground three-dimensional garage parking lot display box dust cover DC-50184


  • $119.00 USD


  1. The material is wooden body, aluminum alloy column, light and strong.
  2. LED ceiling light with switch, brightness
  3. Tenon-and-mortise design, no tools and screws needed, fast and easy manual installation
  4. Can be stacked to form a three-dimensional parking garage


Length, width and height (after combination): 53.5cm * 42.5cm * 37.5cm

Length, width, height in parking garage: 61cm * 28.5cm * 33cm

Weight: 5.25kg

Packing length, width, height: 75cm * 45cm * 7.5cm

Installation Notes:

  1. The floor and ceiling of the garage are vertical to the desktop, the interfaces are aligned, and the back panel is installed.
  2. The aluminum alloy column is put into the bottom plate (deeper mouth of the base) first, and the column can be inserted into the top plate with proper force.



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