1.0 Mud Tires 74*27mm Super Large Soft Sticky Tires for TRX4M 1/18 1/24 RC Crawler Axial SCX24 FMS FCX24 RC Car Upgrade


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Product List:

Standard tire set: 4 tires + 4 double-segment sponges

Purple silicone set: 4 tires + 4 purple silicone inserts (purple inserts are harder, suitable for heavy-duty trucks weighing 900g+)

Blue silicone set: 4 tires + 4 blue silicone inserts (blue inserts are softer, suitable for medium and light trucks of 300-900g)

1. 25 soft ultra-soft formula, the grip is increased by 35%. Compared with plastic tires, the grip is increased by 2-3 times.



2. Equipped with double-layer sponge, combining soft and hard, better side wall support, better elasticity, and super climbing ability


3. Internal reinforced design, tear-resistant and long life


4. Made of butyl rubber, not plastic TPU, TPR, not slippery after being exposed to water


5. Suitable for 1-inch wheels


6. Easy clamping design, the clamp will not fall off and is easy to install.


8. The foam is suitable and more suitable for tires



Product List:


Super soft tire*4


Double layer sponge*4


















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